Matthew Larsen

singer-songwriter with an old piano and the documents | massachusetts, USA



I live in Northampton, Massachusetts USA and write melancholy indie-folk ballads on an old piano and some keyboards. I’ve made a number of records over the years with a rotating cast of friends and fellow musicians (Matthew Larsen and The Documents). You can find those records on the internet easily at any of the usual streaming services. I made some records a long time ago with a number of bands too (Smokejumpers, Northernly) but those are somewhere in a box in the depths of the basement or on whatever is left of MySpace. As of late, I’ve been spending a lot of time solo in my living room, gathering ideas and revisiting old songs. See you on the internet, a house concert, an intimate songwriter’s room or small stage somewhere soon.

– Matthew

Sometimes short, quiet and sweet– other times building into wall-of-sound anthems, Matthew Larsen and The Documents’ introspective indie-folk piano songs often recall loss, relationships, and serious health issues (Matthew’s own experience with cancer and mortality). His songs are lovingly written and recorded in studios, hallways, and living rooms in Western Massachusetts, New York, and Los Angeles.