I suppose it’s not uncommon for me to go many years between records. But that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped writing. I’ve been posting some poorly recorded videos up on YouTube as I’m working through some of these songs and figuring out how best to construct them.

Here’s Endless Scrolling, a song about feeling disconnected from everything.
This one’s called Change My Mind, a reflection about realizing you were wrong about something many years after it happened.

Holding Pattern

I made this record in 2015 with so many talented friends. We recorded it mostly at Sonelab in Easthampton, Massachusetts but there were contributions from elsewhere, thanks to the magic of the internet.


I received a grant from the SamFUND that allowed me to have the money to go into a studio. It was recorded at Sackamusic in Conway, Massachusetts with contributions from friends in California, New York, and elsewhere. I didn’t actually have a band but quickly recruited a whole bunch of talented friends and collaborators. Later, the folks who stuck around became The Documents.